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serious fun (2018)

Tom Eastland Triage adds Myke Mazzei and Susanne Kozo, who bring surprising and complex instrumentation and vocals, and decades of performance experience. Three voices, two guitars, a magic squeezebox, and a wide and wild variety of folk-rock-roots tunes. While simmering up their next batch of original tunes with the help of the Weber brothers and the Browne brothers, Tom Eastland Triage released a CD of mostly cover songs in the summer of 2018 called Serious Fun:

“As a professional music reviewer, it is my professional imperative to turn up my nose at cover albums...but by the time the new album from Peterborough's Tom Eastland Triage reached "Log Driver's Waltz," the last of my snobbery was finally chipped away, and I was left with only a wide, silly grin on my face... in the hands of veteran local musician Tom Eastland, playing with Myke Mazzei and Susanne Kozo, they take on a light and joyful air... his band lends the covers the air of a carefree East Coast kitchen party.

Gabe Pollock, Electric City Magazine

1. Dirty Old Town (Ewan McColl)/ 2. Iris (Goo Goo Dolls)/ 3. Happy (Tom Eastland) / 4. Time of Your Life (Green Day)/ 5. La Noyee (Yann Tiersen)/ 6. Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)/ 7. Making it Work (Doug & the Slugs)/ 8. Lace & Pretty Flowers (Willie P. Bennett)/ 9. Hide Your Love Away (Lennon, McCartney)/ 10. Fishing Blues (Henry Thomas, Taj Mahal) / 11. Log Driver's Waltz (Wade Hemsworth)/ 12. Light of This Moon (Rob Eastland, Tom Eastland)/ 13. Stuck in the Middle (Stealers Wheel)/ 14. Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)

saving graces (2012)

"Tom’s first foray into recording found him on the CKPT/Wire Homegrown Album back in 1989. He swooned the judges with his honest folksy appeal and delivery. Twenty years later Mr. Eastland has honed his craft to reflect the simpler virtues of music, the same virtues that made him likeable as a young naïve musician. Four years of ‘stewing the cauldron of songs’ has landed 12 songs and a ‘who’s who’ of Peterborough music elite. Find tasteful sessions from The Weber Bros., Bridget Foley, Curtis Driedger, Fiddlin’ Jay, and Wire Award winner Washboard Hank. Pickup ‘saving graces’, headed for a nomination next year." 
   - The Wire Megazine, August 2012

featured musicians
Ryan Weber, Sam Weber, Bridget Foley, Jay Nedeljkovic, Bakes, Curtis Driedger, Mike Pickett, Glen Caradus, Geoff MacDonald, Sian Wilson, Alexandra Eastland, Fiddlin' Jay Edmunds, Andrew Arnold, John Climenhage, and Washboard Hank.

track listing
I Too May Fly / Belladonna / Light of This Moon / All Ready Home / I Walk Through / May I Been a Fool / Jade and Bone / Lace and Pretty Flowers / Rain All Over Me / Swing Low / You Bit Your Lip / Silent Night


mot (2005)

Songs range from tough love to simple joy, satire tempered with genuine concern. Includes a bonus DVD with 3 videos.

featured musicians
Tom Eastland (vocals, guitar), Mike Morritt (bass, backing vocals), Joshua Fewings (drums, backing vocals), Charlie Glasspool (piano, trumpet, backing vocals), Sam Weber (guitars, backing vocals), Ryan Weber (double bass, backing vocals), Michael Ketemer (guitar, concertines), Bakes (harmonica, backing vocals, Glen Caradus (harmonica), Darcy Conroy (backing vocals), Jackie Satterwhite (backing vocals), and Cole Smith (backing vocals).

track listing
Tough Love / Face The Music / Ain't Been So Happy / Cry of a Loon / Even Saint Even / Pop Pop / Rolling Mold / Katie Come / Change Has Come / eh? / Wildberries Rave / Cat Her Waltz / Ghosts of a Judgement Day / Mir Narodam


listen to selected tracks at:

better get a mirror (2003)


   "This CD has some great musicianship and the quality of the disc is very good. While Tom self-describes his voice as somewhere between 'a bullfrog on Prozac and a cat in heat', I however would give him more credit than that. The odd vocal phrasing demonstrated in 'Port of Hope' and the artsy stream of consciousness 'Allmost Free' demonstrate a truly individual style."
         - Ken Tizzard, Link Magazine

   "... straight from the opening song, I was captivated... forty-five minutes in sheer bliss. I was in complete awe. I loved the CD ..."
         - Dane Frenette, CHSR Radio

   "'Maybe It's Just the Moon' is sweet sounding, as is 'In the Mean Time'. The latter has a serious Pearl Jam feel. Even Eastland's voice is of that ilk. Other tracks like 'Shine Frantic' are built around some very interesting arrangements. 'Awake This Day' is a track which builds quickly into a very catchy dance tune. These are positive tunes, both in spirit and vibe... songs everyone can easily get something out of... songs which mostly defy any real classification. One thing they all share is a free spirit which is allowed to fly through these songs ..."
         - Jeff Macklin, Peterborough Examiner

featured musicians
Tom Eastland (vocals, guitar, bass), Rob Eastland (guitar, bass, backing vocals), Ken Trusler (drums, mandolin, backing vocals), Scott Moreland (guitar, drums), Ulises Santamaria Hernandez (congas), Sam Weber (guitar, backing vocals), Randy Gray (drums), Shai Peer (keyboards), Collins Everett (bass, backing vocals), Alexandra Eastland (backing vocals), and Robin Eastland (backing vocals).

track listing
Passion Skunk / Mighty Might / Maybe It's Just The Moon / In The Mean Time / Rest Your Head / Awake This Day / Port of Hope / Best Bug / Up To Pluto / Shine Frantic / Allmost Free / Beregite Mir


fully bugged (1999)

101's first fully-produced rock album recorded by Barry Haggarty at Haggarty Sound Studio, Peterborough.

   "Twin brothers Rob and Tom Eastland have released their newest CD. A fresh new sound, reminiscent of the off-the-wall grooves of Primus, Fully Bugged lets us in on the spooky corners of the Eastland brothers' frontal lobes... check it out."
         - Wire Magazine, 1999

featured musicians
Rob Eastland (vocals, lead/rhythm guitar)
Tom Eastland (vocals, rhythm guitar)
Marckque Kittridge (drums)

track listing
Big Cities / Polka*Dotted Man / My School / Jaguars Dream / I Wish I Had a Wish / Tiger in Your Mouth / Sink Quick / Personal Thing / A Funk Knot? / Did Everyone Here? / Put Her There / Bug Fever / Beregite Mir


thanksgivingday (1996)

101's first CD release recorded in one day, 'live off the floor' with no overdubs by Juno award-winner Willie P. Bennett.

   "... sounds good... the tunes hang off strong
song construction and powerful, distinctive vocals."

         - Wire Magazine, 1997

featured musicians
Rob Eastland (vocals, lead/rhythm guitar), Tom Eastland (vocals, rhythm guitar),
Marckque Kittridge (percussion),
plus a guest appearance by
Willie P. Bennet
harmonica on Did Everyone Here?)

track listing
Lone Dog / Ghosts of a Working Day / One Fish Too / Dominique / Katie Come + Katie Go / Time Heals / Beating Time / Hey Teach?, / The Test / You Can Never Hide / Did Everyone Here?






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